Friday, June 6, 2014

A Beautiful Journey

So…., my natural hair journey is so enlightening. It’s funny how God can speak to you through the smallest things. When you’ve been wearing someone else’s hair since you were 15 it’s kind of surreal to look in the mirror at your God given hair and be comfortable in your own skin. Over the years I’ve tried wearing my own hair. It never lasted for too long. I always found something wrong with just being me. My hair wasn’t straight enough. Wasn’t long enough. Wasn’t big enough. Wasn’t curly enough. I tried various cut style over the years. Everyone had the Toni Braxton cut. The Anita baker cut. As soon as they grew out I found myself right back wearing someone else’s hair. I could never just be comfortable with me for any length of time. Now, don’t’ get me wrong. I love variety and I am not opposed to protective styles and a wig or two here and there for a different look. But it was important to me to look in the mirror and love me, all of me. Naturally me. Some 20+years later, I’m finally here .What a journey!!!

It took courage for me to chop my hair off and even more courage for me to wear TWA (teeny weeny afro). Of course I thought about what people would say. Especially those that were used to me always having what I like to call a glamorous look. I had to think of my profession as an educator/professor/consultant. I thought of how people would see me. Was it too daring? How would society see me? How would Corporate America see me? What about my close friends and family? What about the people in my church? What about my husband? What about…….? Finally, I decided this was not about anybody but me. So I did what my heart said do. Thankfully, I had my wonderful husbands support. I did it!! And I have never been happier. It feels so good not to care what anybody else thinks of me. It feels good to be comfortable and embrace who I am and who I was created to be. I’ve learned so much during this transition.

I will share my journey for all of those that need to hear. It truly is okay to be you!!!

Monday, June 2, 2014


Before the race

After the race
My partner in life!!
Had a wonderful time supporting the compelled by Christ Mission to Honduras. my very fist 5K. 42 minutes!!! . Not bad for a first timer. 1st step to reaching my goal of completing a marathon.