Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Leadership and the JESUS Model

The Jesus Model

You don’t always have to be out front to be the leader. Sometimes you have to lead from behind.

The objective is to  effective. Being in the leader position is not always effective. Yes, you may have the vision but it takes followers to bring the vision to life. Without active followers the vision remains in the abstract and is never brought into concrete form.

When people are intimidated by you for whatever reason they may feel inadequate. These insecurities often result in inertia. Not doing anything for fear that it won’t come out just right. Or it won’t be as good as the next person.

It can also result in individuals just allowing the smarter one, the leader to do everything. Because they feel like they (the leader) have more knowledge than they do. When this happens. Nobody grows. No one develops.

The Jesus model emphasizes servant leadership. Becoming equal to demonstrate greatness. Pulling off your titles, crown and royal robes and taking on equal sometimes even inferior status to demonstrate the greatness in others.

Jesus, the perfect model for servant leadership came from a holy, immaculate, exquisite home to be born in a dirty, stinky stable alongside animals and hay. Why, would he do that? His actions were so that we could be redeemed. The creator of the universe became man so that man could become one with the creator.   
In the Old Testament he led as God. There was very little kinship and camaraderie with the people. God being so holy could only relate to those he had called and anointed for the task.   It was difficult to build a relationship with a God of judgment. He was one to be feared not one to talk to as your friend. Only a few special people had that privilege.

In the New Testament, with titles taken off, all of that changed. Now everyone had the privilege of speaking to him as a friend and confidant as their personal redeemer. No longer was he unapproachable. No longer did you have to be intimated by his presence. Upon his leaving this earth he declared that all of the power that he had was now given unto us. We now could do the same things that he did while on earth.

While in the Old Testament there were only had a few people he could commune with, in the New Testament and subsequent ages millions of people are able to communicate with him on a personal level. Millions of people are now able to carry out his work and do the good that he foresaw.

What a great way to be effective. What a great way to get the job done.

So, here on earth in order to be effective sometimes we have to take off of the titles and big robes and degreed statuses to help others understand their greatness. When you know who you are. When you have come to a certain place of maturity you no longer need titles to do the work you are called to do. If the objective is to help others achieve their greatness sometimes you have to become as others to help them see all that they are capable of being and becoming.  As long as you are out front they are always looking to you and they can never truly see themselves.

Now, stepping back is going to be hard. Especially when people are used to you stepping forward. It will not only be hard for them it will be hard for you.

The innate qualities of a born leader are constantly on automatic. Leaders find themselves being creative, coming up with ideas, solving problems and the whole gamut. But if you are not careful you will find yourself alone in these endeavors. Your leadership persona is too much. It’s overpowering. And people can feel overwhelmed by your presence and your actions; thus leading to follower’s inertia.

Empowering others requires patience and a stillness in one’s spirit. You will often be misunderstood. Some will think you have abandoned them. They will feel like you are letting them down. They will feel all sorts of emotions. But at the end of the day those with leadership potential will step forward and you can gently guide from behind.

Let me the first to tell you it will hurt for your actions to be misunderstood, but you have to remain true to the greater purpose. If the greater purpose is to empower then remain true the calling.

Many didn't  understand why Jesus had to die. They didn't understand why he had to leave them. Here was God in the flesh allowing man to crucify him. Unspeakable! Unheard of!  Why? The answer is simple. He did all of that so that you and I can be empowered today. So that you and I can do greater than he did.

As a leader, the objective is to be effective. To show others their greatness. To empower the weak and stand beside the strong. Others will never see their greatness as long as they are walking in your shadow. Stand aside and allow their light to shine.

Great leaders are flexible, adaptable and effective. The next time you find yourself in a situations that seems hopeless, try using the Jesus Model. It worked for the creator of the universe. It will work for you.

Embrace your greatness and help others embrace theirs.