Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cancer feeds on sugar: Read more

I truly believe our food Is killing us. I have seen and known many people who have come back from the brink of death by changing their diets.

The more you know the better can feel!!

Cancer feeds on sugar


Where are you today?

If you were to respond to the question “where are you today” what would be the response? I don’t mean where are you physically? But rather, where are you mentally? Are you grounded? Are you centered? Are you focused? Is your life organized in a productive way?

I have found that’s its very important to take some time for yourself and get centered first before you start your day. If you are anything like me, and I imagine, most of the world is. Your mind rambles and goes from place to place. Especially, if you are in a place of unrest. For me, I am constantly thinking of ways to do better, be better, help others, and help myself. There are so many things in the world to do and it seems like not enough hours in the day. Having a balance between it all is extremely hard. I know that everything that gets done is done one step at a time. Theoretically, I understand this concept. Realistically, it’s challenging to stop and focus one one thing at a time.  Therefore it is ultra-important to master ones thoughts and emotions.

I am currently on this mastering journey. I will keep you updated!!

Stay inspired!!

Tonya L.


Happy Tuesday!!

God Bless, People of God!! I hope you had a beautiful holiday!!! I hope you remembered the significance of the (memorial) holiday and gave thanks for an opportunity to be able to give thanks openly and freely!!!

I am still feasting off of the beautiful lecture from the throne of grace, presented by the Rev. Dr. Professor J.C. Nelson (he hates titles)  on Sunday. I felt like I was in this huge lecture hall of 5000 students or more, but the lecture was directly for me. I understood cleary how the key to success in any capacity lies within me. We were created to be Masters over all things. We were created to replicate God on this earth. And when the truth of that knowledge sinks, there are no heights we can't reach. God wants to be glorified in our lives!! He wants to live abundantly in and through us, but the key is becoming master of one's self, ones thoughts, ones creation, ones speech, and ones action!!

Know thyself  O man!! Know the gifts within, know the purpose for which those gifts were given and take your rightful dominion over all the earth!!!  I can't wait to learn more tonight from the vessel of God's choosing!! Have to get their early @8pm, want to beat the crowd, there's nothing worse than being in the back of a 5000 seat auditorium!! # living the abundant life

Tonya L

Tuesday's Inspiration

Every Tuesday, I send a note out to a small group within my fellowship. It started off just as a random hello to everyone. Pretty soon I started getting request as I had slacked off a bit because I thought no one was reading it. Come to find out some said they really enjoyed my Tuesdays note. So, I will share those here as well. Some things may not make sense as from time to time I may refer to ta specific person or event. Focus on the message and hopefully it will inspire you as  well.