Monday, July 21, 2014

I believe in second chances

Encouraging word for today: I believe in second chances.
God knows I have been given many do-overs in my life. The most amazing and 2nd most amazing second chance was/is love in its purest form. 1st how amazing God’s love is, that even when I walked away from him, thinking I knew it all, how my life should go, he waited as I made all of my own mistakes and then one day called me back to him with sweet loving tender mercies.
No great prophecies, no laying on of hands, just a simple thought, much like the prodigal son. “I believe I’ll rise and go back home.” And with that simple thought he filled me with more love than I could ever imagine and a life and journey that is beyond comparison. 
And then there’s the love of a man that much like God, seeks after, not my body but my heart. What kind of second chance is this? After a failed marriage, many heartbreaks, seeking love in all the wrong places.  Then love walks into my life and offers me a second chance. What I am so grateful for today is the “Journey” the “in the meantime” that taught me so much about me. Without those failed relationships, without that journey without God, I wouldn’t be the person I am today and I wouldn’t be so humbly grateful for second chances.  Believe me- second chances do happen. Enjoy the journey. Learn the lessons of  “in the meantime”  and when the second chance come you will truly understand the meaning of gratefulness.
Have a blessed and beautiful day!!!