Saturday, September 13, 2014


Ten years ago if someone had told me that this is the path I would be taking today. I would have told them they were crazy. My life today was certainly not part of my plan. With  a background in hospitality I think I saw myself managing my own hotel by now, living in the city (wherever the job took me) with 2.5 kids and a corporate executive husband living life in a strange but beautiful way.

Here I am today, a wife, mother to an amazing 21 year old, step mother to my husbands two beautiful daughters, Business Manager for my husbands computer services business, Adjunct Professor at several colleges and universities, An Educator, Mentor, Adult Literacy Director, Career Counselor and Coach,Member of the Board of Directors for a Non Profit Org.  and Inspirational Speaker and Author. Coming up next week I will have my first book signing. Who knew?  This certainly wasn't my plan. But it was God's plan. And the funny this is I was coming this way all along. Everything I went through in life was preparing me for my life today.

And, of course it's not over by a long shot but I am learning to stop trying to be in control. I am learning to relinquish control to God who knows my path and the thoughts he thinks towards me. He know just how things are going to play out. Even with my book, he knows who will support and who won't. He knows the many people it will bless and the many that will try to delay the blessings. He knows who needs a word of inspiration and empowerment.  He knows who needs to hear YOU ARE SOMEBODY SPECIAL. He know who needs to have a wake up call and recognize their greatness.

He knows all of these things. So none of this is in my hands and just like he paved a path for me so many years ago to be right where I need to be right now. He will continue to pave a path, all I have to do is follow with a little less kicking and screaming than I did before. :-)

And so today I say. NOT MY WILL BUT THY WILL BE DONE. Amen!