Thursday, November 6, 2014

Fear and Courage

While my faith dictates that I fear nothing and no one.

For we understand that God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power. 

On a higher consciousness level my greatest fear is not living on purpose.  

My greatest fear is complacency, contentment with mediocrity.

Being okay with living a subpar life.

Feeling sorry for myself because of perceived or real disadvantages.

Taking upon myself the burden of a history of an enslaved people but not taking upon myself the history of a kingly, blessed and mighty people.

My greatest fear in living in a projected bubble that was spoken upon me by another.

I fear dying without ever having lived.

I feat not knowing my true potential

I fear not seeing my greatest self

I fear not knowing what I am completely and utterly capable of being and becoming

I fear settling for good when better is best

I fear living just to make a dollar never exactly being just above broke (job)

I fear not trying

I fear not hoping

I fear not believing

But my great fear is the fear of not being the ME I was created to be.

And so I have learned not to fear, but to stand in my courage.

In the essence of me, my created being.

I stand for those who see no hope

I stand for those who can’t believe just yet

I stand for those who live in complacency and mediocrity

I stand for those that are enslaved by the thoughts of another

I stand for those who needs validation of their very existence

I stand for those who can’t yet stand

With trembling hands and shaky knees I stand

I stand because I refuse to live in fear

I stand in the courage and essence of womanhood

I stand because I can.