Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Word of Encouragement to Parents

Just a word of encouragement to parents and those praying for loved ones. No matter how much we think we can run things and do a better job than God. Ultimately, he is in complete control. He has not lost control. Nothing happens in our lives that he does not know about. I am a living witness of God's grace and everlasting mercy. While, I grew up in the truth, I still made some  bad choices in life. Why? Because, I had my own path, my own journey. My journey, with all of its ups and downs, bad choices and all, has gotten me to this place today, where my soul has become a priority. Many church folks looked at me and scoffed in self righteousness, when I was in my mess. But God knew that when he hissed for me I would surrender and give it all to him...mess and all, I am grateful for my mess because I can relate to others mess. I can have compassion and not sit in  judgment. I can love and pray for and pray with and know in my heart of hearts, that it takes all of that to get us to where God always envisioned us to be.

Be encouraged!! In all of my mess I yet belonged to God and he had a plan and purpose for my life.

The journey is beautiful!! Embrace it, even if its not the road you would have put them on.

 #blessed #grateful #he's in control
~Tonya L