Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Todays Inspiration

Happy and Grateful Tuesday!!

The attached picture is a shot of one of the stops my husband and I made as we did our morning walk. While there I received a powerful message. At one point my husband grabbed me and just held and embraced me. I stopped all of my thoughts to really feel his embrace. It was strong and I felt so secure,  like nothing was wrong in the world. I knew as long as he had me in his arms nothing bad could happen to me.

At that exact moment, God was showing me how he has us in in his arms, just like that. If we simply surrender to his embrace, he would never let us fall. His arms are so much stronger and secure.

I am reminded of what it means to trust. Because, my husband knew the importance of trust,  before we got married, we played this game, where I had to fall backwards in his arms, with no fear. With my heart pounding I did it, the first time. I let go and he caught me.  Each time thereafter, it got so
much easier. These days I just fall back arbitrarily when I am close to him. He has never let me fall.

If we just believe God, just like that. Even, try him, just like that, he will never let us fall!!!

I love you all so much, and I thank you for being apart of my life.  #intentional honor # intentional service #intentional praise # abundant living is not for the faint of heart