Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Poetry/Floetry: Tears in Her Eyes

Tears in her eyes

 Little girl with big dreams

Heart shattered in a million little pieces

Folks looking at the outside in

Sees only a big smile and a grin


Long pigtails and a outrageous laugh

No longer laughing with tears in her eyes

She battles courageously just to make it through

another day-- sometimes praying it will all

just go away


A little girls dreams

of joy and happiness gone with the

reality of life’s crude awakening

What will become of this little girl with big dreams

Will she ever find happiness again?


When she looks in the mirror at her reflection

It shows the scars and tracks of her tears

In the morning she’ll do it all over again

Paste a smile and hope no one notices

A little girl with big dreams with tears in her eyes

threatening to spill over from behind the façade of a smile


©2005 Tonya Lasha