Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Real Talk: Excerpt from my upcoming book: Words of Inspiration--Sister to Sister: So Then I Learned!

Sister to Sister


Hey little sister, I see you bobbing your head to the music of the day, blasting your radio while watching your favorite video on the cable station. You see the sexy diva on the screen with the daisy dukes on, with half of her butt hanging out. The little number she has on for a top barely covering her inflated breast. Her cocoa skin colored belly with the 14 carat gold chain wrapped around her curved waist. Her honey, colored extensions hanging long, down to her buttocks, lips glossy, wet with bright red lipstick, her fake eyelashes are fluttering like Marilyn Monroe and her makeup caked on, to perfection.

I see you watching in utter fascination as she bumps and grinds on some thugged-out nigga as he licks his lips and grins, the flare of the sun catches his top and bottom gold grill, they began to push up on each other in their mock sexcapade on national TV and she grunts and moans in mocked ecstasy. As the video winds down they ride into the sunset in their suped up  SUV brought with the blood of their sistahs and brothas.

I see the longing in your eyes as your thoughts drift away before the next video catches your eye. I hear you thinking I wanna be her someday. My heart bleed for you little sister because I want more for you, my heart bleeds because I realize I want more than you want for yourself.

I want to see my little sister as a professional young woman modestly attired in a Versace business suit walking with your head held high, perhaps a doctor or a lawyer or an entrepreneur. Regardless of what profession, I wish to see an intellectual, articulate, young sister with goals and the ability to express yourself in a manner that your ancestors would be proud of. Little sister I ask you a question. Why is it your fantasy to walk around half-naked showing all that God gave you to every man on the planet? Why is it that you wish to let every Tom, Dick and/or Terrance put his filthy, diseased, unclean body parts all over your precious temple?

When do you little sister began to value yourself as the princess you were meant to be? Just a simple observation, but have you ever seen a Queen being fondled in public, the very thought is revolting, then tell me, why you, my beautiful little sisters, the original Queen of the Nile, make yourself so common that it is okay for the peasants (THUGS) to touch you, to view you, to leer at you in the open court in un-queen-like manner.

I ask you this little sister, because the power is in your hands to stop it, to put an end to your disgrace. You see, our men would be better if we held them to a standard. They would show more respect if we respected ourselves. If we became the Princesses and Queens that God intended us to be, our African-American Kings would stand up and take their rightful place. LITTLE SISTER!!! IT’S UP TO YOU. DO THE RIGHT THING.      

©2014 Tonya L. White Johnson